Staff Governors



Headteacher -  Mr G Anderson
Assistant Headteachers -

Mrs. Rh. Davies and Mrs. K. Evans


3C - Miss G Baker

3/4C - Mrs L Lewis

4C -  Mr Richards

3/4E - Mr. S Davies

5C - mrs. R. Davie a Miss L. Rees

6C - Miss L Thomas
5/6E - Mrs. K Evans

PPA Cover -

Mrs Bowen 

ALN - Mrs J Bowen

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs C Davies

Mrs L Edmunds

Mrs J Edwards

Mrs T Siddell

Mrs C Williams


Admin. Assistant

Mrs A Clement


Mrs. S. Sheen

Relief Site Manager

Mr. Simon Reynolds

Violin Tutor

Mrs J Thomas


Brass Tutor

Mr P Morris

Chairperson -Mr. M Clement
Vice Chair - Mr. O. Richards

LEA Members

Dr M Slader

Coun. W Griffiths

Minor Local Authority Member

Cyng. I Williams

Parent Governor
Mr M Clement

Mr T Davies

Mr A Stephens 

Co-opted Members

Mr D Blackey
Mr A Fewster

Mrs T Siddell

Headteacher Governor

Mr G Anderson

Teachers’ Representative

Non-teaching Representative

Mrs C Williams

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs A Clement